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Our Sponsors


We have a few very special partners for the overall rally. The contribution of these companies helps enormously with the running of the rally, making sure things go smoothly for everyone.


Directed by long time Support Crew member Mick Ryan, RallySchool operates in 5 states  QLD, NSW (home), VIC, SA, and WA. In 2013, RallySchool conducted more than 250 days around the country with over 11,000 people getting behind the wheel of a top flight rally car.

While RallySchool’s main work is in rally driving experiences, drives and tuition, mostly given as gifts, they also offer corporate driving events too. But they’re not just an Experience Provider. RallySchool also offers comprehensive training in your vehicle for gravel and Tarmac Rallying, plus can offer one on one co-driver training in your state.

A big thanks to RallySchool for offering this year’s top fundraisers the gift of the RallySchool experience.


When running national projects within charitable fundraising, it’s important that we have all our ducks in a row legally.
That requires dependable advice from a well-established firm that listens and understands our unique needs, then achieves our outcomes and objectives in a very timely manner.
We have that support from Eakin McCaffery Cox, who generously work with us on a pro-bono basis, but treat us like one of their most valuable paying clients.

Fast, concise and thorough-we know we are in good hands.