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Box Rallies (Shitbox Rally & Mystery Box Rally) to fund outstanding cancer research projects nationally.

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) is the pinnacle for vital funding for groundbreaking cancer research projects, but their budget only goes so far. The cancer researchers who miss out get another chance at funding via Cancer Council grants. The impact of these projects has been felt right across Australia with many of the grants made possible by Box Rallies funding.

Previously, Box Rallies was able to fund multi-state research projects via Cancer Council grants. In 2019, Box Rallies & Cancer Council are taking a new approach ? one that means Box Rallies will fund the most outstanding cancer research projects nationally.

For the first time, Box Rallies will fund the next highest ranked grants after the NHMRC. This means that Box Rallies will fund some of the most exciting cancer research projects across the country ? with the highest potential to significantly impact those affected by cancer.

The grants assessed during the 2019 application process will be awarded in March 2020 with Cancer Council continuing to manage the overall funding process.

Shitbox Rally and Mystery Box Rally (Box Rallies) involve over 1,450 participants driving thousands of kilometres in teams of two through remote Australian locations for days on end in cars worth under $1,000 or over 25 years old respectively. Fundraising is a big part of the accepted teams requirements and forms part of a very unique overall experience that keeps bringing people back for more.

Since 2010 Box Rallies have raised over $16 million for cancer research with the 2019 goal to reach $20 million.

2019 marks the tenth year of Shitbox Rally and will be celebrated with a first-ever ten day rally (from Perth to Sydney via Uluru) in May as well as an additional Shitbox Rally event taking place in October (from Melbourne to Townsville via Birdsville).

James Freeman founded Box Rallies after losing both of his parents to cancer within 12 months.

Here are some examples of multi-state research funded by Box Rallies:

  • testing new drug combinations for pancreatic cancer
  • preventing people with immune deficiencies from developing lymphoma
  • finding new compounds to target the deadliest type of malignant brain tumour
  • developing a way to calculate the safest and most effective dose of radiation for prostate cancer patients
  • analysing the largest data set of melanoma genome sequences in the world
  • identifying a treatment to block the development and spread of neuroblastoma cells


For more information:

For more information please contact:

Katherine Ferris 0429 050 119

Fina Whilton Cancer Council NSW PR Officer 0432 027 341