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Say What

PORT LINCOLN – (Lions Club Breakfast-Jill Hampel)

Thankyou so much. It was a great morning and thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone involved.

It was great from our perspective as well as Lions Club of Port Lincoln were seen to be helping out in the Community.

Thankyou for the privilege of Serving you


Wow what an amazing amount to raise you all should be very proud of your achievements.

Our mob had a great time, we were representatives from Copley Progress, Copley Cricket Club & Copley Gymkhana Assoc. and they all did me proud to come together to represent the community.
Thank you for coming to our town.


Brilliant effort on part of your crews and thanks for staying with us.
Your guys are so organised it’s great to work with you all

COPLEY BUSH BAKERY – (Mary Lee-Proprietor)

It was so great having you all in town and hopefully we will see you again next year! Love all the pics, they are great!

PENTLAND – Laura (Pentland School P&C)

Thank you very much Box Rallies for the visit!

We thoroughly enjoyed being part of the mystery box rally.  We would be happy to support you again in the future..

Thanks – Merry Christmas

ROCKHAMPTON – Rocky Sports Club (Shae Minto-Events Manager)

The pre rally briefing and post rally party were great, I had awesome feedback from all of our staff here and you guys were a great bunch to host.

It was especially great liaising with the Box Rallies team and everything felt super organised we look forward to hopefully having you back again.

Glen Innes – Kae (Byron Bay Council) & Margaret (Red Cross)

We did enjoy having you all! – You were all well organized, well behaved, well fed and well watered and we did it well for you, though 380 extra people in our drought ridden small town put the pressure on.
We called on 50 helpers – the caterers, who did most of the work, were local Red Cross, the bar was run by Glen Innes Showground Land Manager Board, the fire drums were stoked by the local Show Society, and Tom, Dick and Harry arrived out of the blue to give a hand where necessary.
The Red Cross made a good profit from catering  and some of that is being used for local drought programs which would not have happened otherwise.  We loved looking at your quite astonishing outfits – good fun to pull a few tails and whiskers – and we loved your brightly decorated cars.
Congratulations on raising so much money for the Cancer Council.   Please come again, but not too soon as we are all still recovering!

Byron Bay Brewery-Will Brennan (Manager)

Hey Box Rallies team, thanks so much for sending this through the certificate is a lovely touch and I’ll be sure to pass on to all the staff.

It was an absolute pleasure to host the event and contribute to an amazing cause.

Your team do an outstanding job and the money raised is testament to that, congrats on executing such a great event,

Silverton Hotel – Peter Price (Proprietor)

What a pleasure to have this fantastic group of passionate fundraisers visit the iconic Silverton Hotel.
As part of their journey raising awareness & vital funds for Cancer Council Australia.
Box Rallies, your organizing skills make our job easy & it is a great please to be a service provider for your group. It’s also a chance to showcase our little village to over 300 with the overnight stay. It was evident from the participation of the theme night that everybody was in enjoyment mode. Thanks for choosing Silverton & look forward to another visit one day.
Thanks again Box Rallies team for bringing a wonderful crew to the Silverton Hotel we are glad they enjoyed there night!

Milparinka Hotel-Phill & Bec (Managers)

Thank you to the Mystery Box Rally for choosing to stop over in the very small township of Milparinka. It’s so lovely that you like to support little communities like ours.
The Mystery Box Rally is definitely well organised and everyone so easy to please.  Upon leaving you couldn’t even tell there had been 320 people stay the night. All the camp grounds were cleaned up and no rubbish to be seen. I was very impressed.
We thoroughly enjoyed having you all here. You are more than welcome back here anytime!

Pooncaire POCS-Clancy Griffiths

In October, the Mystery Box Rally travelled through our little town Pooncarie.
We were fortunate enough to have Box Rallies contact us at the school and ask if we’d like to cater for a lunch time meal.
We were so pleased for the opportunity to fundraise for our small community and be involved in the rally. The day was a huge success.
The rally drivers were very friendly and so generous. Our children were thrilled with the excitement of the vehicles and atmosphere. The group were well organised, and we were pleased to be able to provide a yummy lunch for them while they raise money for such great cause.

CAMERON CORNER STORE – Cheryl & Fenn (Proprietors)

We thoroughly enjoyed the Mystery Box Rally coming through our little part of the world. Some think we are in the “middle of nowhere” but we consider it the “centre of everywhere”.
Everyone was having such a good time and for such a large group were appreciative and respectful. The rally was so well organised.
Box Rallies are more than welcome anytime at our place. It was pleasure having you all and we appreciate such a large group visiting, as it brings a special spark to the outback and all for charity.
Congrats. And remember – We are only around the Corner!

KINGOONYA HOTEL – John & Julie (Proprietors)

Well when we first heard that the Mystery Box Rally was coming here and the amount of people we thought WOW how can we do it.

The community rallied together (which happens a lot) and it was an exceptional day, night and morning. The teams were all great fun and everyone joined in together.

The local band that played that night said that was the best crowd they had played for. We are all looking forward to another rally to come through when organised

WILLIAM CREEK HOTEL – Trevor Wright (Proprietor)

In the last year we have had both Mystery Box Rally 2016 Stopover and Shitbox Rally 2017 pass through our small town of William Creek.

From a service providers view the rallies have been very well organised. We found everything they said followed through into actions.

It’s a credit to the Box Rallies team on how smoothly everything did go for us. The rallies are a great financial uplift to any outback business….we can’t wait to have them back again!!!